eMsg Messenger

The revolution is here!

Rubicon eMsg offers Apple style messaging for everyone and raises the bar! With no software to install on your computers or phones, eMsg works with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux on your PC, and on any smartphone or tablet with an internet connection. Now you can use text messaging without sharing your mobile phone number with customers! You can also share any file or document via text message disregarding the limits of MMS or carrier and do it securely!


Text from your computer...

With eMsg you can send text messages directly from your computer and see the replies right in the console. No software is installed because it runs in your internet browser. Messages automatically come to your phone if you are not active in the console. All messages are recorded with audit trail and you can get a nightly email digest of all communications. You can also generate PDFs of your conversations on the fly for review or archive.


Create eMsg Groups...

eMsg v3.0 now offers group messaging for CAM accounts with eMsg capability! Create an eMsg group in CAM and add group members. If you are a group member the group is available in the console user dropdown. For mobile users group messages get echoed to your mobile device.


New Wider Console...

eMsg v3.0 offers a new wider console view for your computer with better integrated scroll bars. This makes reading and typing longer messages easier on modern monitors. The condensed view is still available to fit lower resolution browser windows and will respond automatically.


New Dark theme in v3.0

With eMsg, we have you covered for the new Windows 10 and Mac OS-X dark themed desktops. And eMsg can "UnPin" and run in a small window on your desktop like any other application! Text messaging with eMsg is just like texting with your mobile phone but better. Change the way you communicate and get eMsg!

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