Forge Payroll

Manage complex payrolls!

Forge Payroll from Rubicon Software Group provides the tools to manage complex and large payrolls for your business! Forge Payroll is part of the Rubicon Forge system of applications that run standalone or part of a suite of tools that provide you with a single interface to access applications for a truly vertical market solution! The standalone app login screen is shown at the left.

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Forge Dashboard...

Forge Payroll adds a section to your existing Forge Dashboard with tools to manage Payrolls, Employees, and Job Costing.  The standalone product appears as seen in the illustration to the right.


Complete Payroll Manager

Forge Payroll will handle hundreds of employees along with their vacations, holidays, and scheduled time off activities. You can import time from TimeClock Plus, timekeeping spreadsheets, and can be adapted to read your time records for your employees. Network Technologies can assist with importing job data from your time-clock or application. Forge Payroll generates payroll import files for Quickbooks and exports to CSV files.


Forge Payroll Pay-Types...

With Forge Payroll, you can read  or set imported time-record pay codes and calculate employee pay based on them and then map them to the appropriate QuickBooks pay-types. The codes can pay to regular time or to overtime and increment pay hours or not. This enables complex payrolls and job costing plus greater flexibility with QuickBooks.


Manage employees easily...

The Forge Payroll system automatically adds employees from the time record imports and maintains some employee data on it's own but allows you to disable employees or edit them as needed. Disabled employees are indicated in red shading but should be retained if you later want to recreate an old payroll schedule that includes them.


Company Holidays...

Forge Payroll allows you to schedule any future company holidays in advance and they will be automatically inserted into employee payrolls where the employee meets requirements to be entitled to the holiday pay! Since holiday pay calculations can be complex in larger companies, Network Technologies has to configure the holiday pay qualification rules for your business in Forge Payroll. In most cases this is a no charge service.


Time Activity Scheduler...

The Forge Payroll system facilitates adding employee scheduled time off. Simply schedule the Forge Payroll Pay-Type over a date range and you can handle jury duty, vacation, illness, or any time off activity with ease. Forge Payroll will automatically insert the off time (paid or not paid) into the payroll when the payroll reaches the dates scheduled. Ever seen that feature before?


Generating a payroll...

Forge Payroll maintains each pay period time records import and allows you to select any pay period import from a list and select all or an individual employee and then generate a Time Report (or payroll) on the fly. In just seconds the system will review the time record import, the holiday schedule and employee time off activities and display the payroll in several ways. 

At right you see that Forge Payroll has detected that the time import does not contain all days within a proper pay period and has added the missing days in case there are holidays or employee activity scheduled for those missing days.


Time Reports...

This is the business end of the Forge Payroll system. At left you see a portion of a pay period payroll or Time Report. This default view of the Time Report shows the time records (imported) and breaks them down to regular time and overtime and the proper pay rate. It also inserts any holidays and employees scheduled off-time (yellow shaded). Forge Payroll ignores imported overtime from TimeClock Plus and calculates overtime on it's own because holidays and off-time can effect this calculation and are not present in the time clock data. Each employee has a total row that shows regular pay and overtime pay. If the employee does not get overtime pay the total row is shaded green and employees with overtime pay are shaded red! One of the Time Report views will display the regular and overtime calculations for each row.


Time Corrections...

Forge Payroll maintains each pay period time records import and allows you to edit the time records after they have been imported and re-run a payroll to rectify any problems before importing a payroll into QuickBooks.

At right you see that Forge Payroll reminds you how to edit the time records each time you open a pay period import for editing.


Job Costing...

If you are importing job data from a time clock and customer job data from some application (consult Network Technologies for more info) you can take any individual job or all jobs associated with a customer and run a job cost analysis in Forge Payroll. Job Costing looks at the customer jobs, the TimeClock Plus job tags or pay-types from the time record imports and generates reports showing the time invested (regular and overtime) and the associated dollars spent for each job. This is done across multiple pay periods if the job spans multiple pay periods.


Bells and Whistles...

Forge Payroll has many more features that make it a valuable asset for your business or government office. Forge Payroll has been in demanding production use for several years by a large multinational corporation.

At right you see that Forge Payroll has built in activity logging for full auditing capability and built in Rubicon Backup. Forge Payroll also has user levels to permit specific function access control!

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