The Boss Business Manager

Manage your Business!

The Boss from Rubicon Software Group provides the tools to manage a small business! The Boss has task management, calendar scheduling with reminders, work orders, purchase orders, sales orders, inventory with bar coding, invoicing, customers with locations and mapping, and built-in messaging that supports email and text messages. eMsg is required for text back services. If it sounds like a Swiss Army knife, it's because it actually is...



The Boss was conceived to micro-manage a small business and replace much of the tedious management performed by an actual boss. The real-life mission of this software was to relieve management personnel from the day to day work of keeping up with a service based business and it fulfills it's destiny. Personnel with finance access can see daily, weekly, monthly, and year to date performance for service and merchandise sales with color coding for those who don't need to see the actual dollars.


Never Forget!

Never forget another appointment or event. The Boss let's you schedule tasks or events and set up to two reminders that will text or email you before the task or event. Tasks that are assigned to multiple users will create the calendar entry for each user and if you drag the task schedule for one user, the others will move with it. The calendar has daily, weekly, monthly, and agenda views. The text message reminder for a scheduled task contains a 24 hour tokenized link that doesn't require you to login to view the task or edit it...Pretty slick and indicative of the thought given to using this application. It has been thoroughly used and constantly refined for several years to run Network Technologies.


Know your Clients!

The Boss keeps up with your customers better than you can. It tracks organizations, physical locations, departments and their physical locations, and the contacts for the organizations and their departments and locations. Physical locations will have a map link that lets you open the address in Google maps so any employee can find the company location with out any assistance. When you search in Customers, The Boss searches organizations and contacts both simultaneously giving you matching contacts and companies. Each organization, location, and contact have metrics you can define to customize The Boss to look at customers just like you do. Are they close by or a different state? Are they quick or slow paying? Is this contact a problem or very understanding? Metrics for customers and tasks make The Boss very powerful.


Bells and Whistles...

There is literally more features and functions than can be discussed here! The Boss does so many things and does them well. The best option is to get a tour of the product by someone who uses it every day. You can contact Network Technologies, the sole distributor and retailer of Rubicon Software, and schedule a tour of the product.

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